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Our Story

Monty & Kelli Sears

The Sears' were married on Valentine's Day in 1982 and have two grown, married children, Lucas & Bethanie Wheeler and Ryan & Ashley Sears. They also have four grands...Jaida, Jaxon, Brighton, and Jazlyn who bring them joy everyday. The couple has been in full-time ministry for nearly 31 years and have pastored only 3 churches during their tenure. They recently passed the baton of Christian Faith Center...a dynamic 7 campus church to their spiritual kids, Jordan and Amanda Hodges which has allowed them to take their wealth of experience and knowledge to other churches and organizations around the nation to energize and inspire them towards unprecedented growth and health.



MONTY SEARS has been an ordained Pastor since 2002 and is honored to serve in numerous roles of ministry as Legacy Pastor at Christian Faith Center, Assistant Superintendent for the Southern Idaho Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God, and is a member of  the A/G Looking Forward leadership team. He is dedicated to pouring his life into the Church and offers open arms to people from every walk of life. He has a tremendous passion for reaching out to the lost and people who feel detached or disenfranchised. One of Pastor Monty’s greatest strengths is that he is very relational. He has a relaxed and refreshing style of preaching and uses humor and illustrations that are inspiring and relevant to everyday living.  Monty’s fun-loving nature is also evidenced by his passion for shredding the trails on his mountain bike, and preparing sermons at Starbucks.  



KELLI SEARS is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God since 2006 and works proudly as the Director of the Ministry School at Christian Faith Center in Nampa, Idaho.  She has executive experience in implementing vision, creating infrastructure, overseeing budgets, and developing discipleship programs. Kelli has a great love for the Word of God which is displayed in her dynamic speaking and writing style.  Her hobbies include running, decorating her home, reading, and sipping Starbucks with her handsome hubby.

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